The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine published a study with a conclusion we might expect to see in a tabloid newspaper or satirical website. It reported that there is a correlation between chocolate consumption and Nobel Prizes. Those countries whose citizens eat more chocolate have also produced an inordinate number of Nobel laureates. So does this mean that chocolate makes you smarter, as some other studies have also suggested? Maybe, the report concluded. Since it is especially important for you to be at the height of your mental powers in the coming weeks, Leo, why not experiment with this possibility?


These horoscopes I write for you aren’t primarily meant to predict the future. They are more about uncovering hidden potentials and desirable possibilities that are stirring below the surface right now. When I’m doing my job well, I help you identify those seeds so you can cultivate them proactively. Bearing that in mind, I’ll pose three pertinent questions. 1. What experiments might stir up more intimacy in the relationships you want to deepen? 2. What could you change about yourself to attract more of the love and care you want? 3. Is there anything you can do to diminish the sting of bad memories about past romantic encounters, thereby freeing you to love with more abandon?